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Giacomo Russo

Managing Director

Giacomo’s extensive experience of the industry culminated in launching Valley Residentials which has enabled him to bring together a hand-picked, skilful and devoted team to provide the high level of quality advice, market strength and service that, Valley Residentials is now renowned for, both on a local level and in the industry.

Most corporate agents overlook the fact that estate and letting agencies are about people and how their business relates to them, whether they be your staff or your clients. I, personally consider myself fortunate to be in a business that gives me so much personal fulfilment now as it did when I first started in the industry, whether that be from helping my highly dedicated and motivated team to develop further their potential, or just helping a prospective vendor, buyer, landlord or tenant, achieve their ultimate desired goals.

I know, I am confident and I am certain that the team I have, will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results for you .

Peter Cuffaro

Sales Director

Starting in lettings over 15 years ago Peter switched to sales as he began to develop a love of dealing with vendors biggest assets, their home.

As well as helping his vendors and buyers have a smooth journey with what is regarded as a highly stressful time, he ensures this is a smooth journey by always keeping his vendors and buyers informed of every step of the process.

Peter treats all his clients as individuals and with individual needs, he encourages them to call him on his personal mobile at any time of the day or night, to answer any questions they may have or just to check in.

Peter has developed a keen interest in new developments and enjoys being involved from the early stages of planning, to furnishing show homes making sure that they are perfect and ready to be marketed with the latest and newest forms of media available.

Peter is always looking at new ways to market properties to make sure his clients have the best exposure possible.

With Peter’s extensive knowledge of property law and contacts within local and London based law firms, he can boast a completion rate of 98%, which in today’s market is an outstanding achievement, this also shows his commitment by ensuring that sales go through to exchange, and not just relying on solicitors.

A great asset Peter has is, that he prides himself on bridging the gap of communication between buyers, sellers and solicitors to make sure that the sale process is proceeding at the correct speed, he will always chase other agents in the chain to make sure that everyone is moving forward, ensuring that a point of exchange can be reached quickly, and with all his knowledge and experience he will never give or set unrealistic deadlines.

Peter has a real commitment, passion and love for every aspect of property and his profession, this can be seen in his every day running of the sales department at Valley Residentials, as he always strives to improve people’s general concept of estate agents by showing them a professional service which exceeds their expectations which ultimately goes above and beyond any other local agent.

Emma Burton

Lettings Director

Emma Burton has been an important part of Valley Residentials huge success and driving force for the last 10 years which has resulted in appointing her in the role of Director of Lettings.

Being part of Valley Residentials for the last 10 years, Emma has accumulated a great deal of experience in the rental market and a fantastic work ethos with all her landlords and tenants alike, this includes in working together to deal with any potential issues that may arise, promptly, effectively and without fuss.

Emma’s extensive knowledge of tenancy and rental law makes her well placed to advise and support in all eventualities before, during and after a shorthold tenancy agreement.

With the reputation that Emma has built and the respect she has earned within the lettings industry and in particular your local area, Emma and her team are often called upon by other Lettings agents and even housing associations asking for assistance and advice.

Having Emma and her team looking after your property, you can take comfort that you are in safe hands knowing that her knowledge and expertise makes her able to keep up with ever changing legislation and clients responsibilities.